Should I use a Handheld Torch or a Head Torch?

17/10/2018 Post By: George H
Should I use a Handheld Torch or a Head Torch?

Perfect lighting is important and picking the right source for the same plays a vital role in it as well. There are different sources of artificial lighting, now if we consider a home, the various ways of acquiring light are incandescent light bulb (lamps), LED's, tube lights, torch etc and of course candles, fire, and oil lamps as well. These different sources are set at various locations of the home suiting their requirements. Thus a torch cannot replace the placement of a LED and vice versa.


Now torches are a perfect and handy source of lighting. And they are distributed in two types, one, the handheld torch and the other one is the head torch. Both of them have the same function, that is, the scattering of light as the best illuminators but both of them are required to be used for different purposes. Although the head torch is much more convenient than a hand-held torch. But different people have different preferences.


Why it is said that a head torch is much convenient is because of its versatility and function. One can use these head torches while they are out for camping and trekking, as they are more practical and adaptable to the situation. Thus if you want to move safely in the dark and need your hands to be free, you should opt for a head torch. Whereas if a person is just looking for an object in the dark, it would be more preferable to use a handheld torch, also because it is more convenient for a shorter duration. But for the longer duration and occasions which requires you to have a torch, it is recommended to carry a head torch.


A good quality torch can really be a lifesaver, thus it is necessary to keep certain criteria in mind while picking up the right torch. Some of them being:

  • Getting a perfect size. It depends for what use the torch is for, for instance, a hefty torch is best left in the garage at home whereas lighter head torches are good for taking to the camp.
  • The right amount of lumen, so anything above 150 means a good brightness.
  • A waterproof or at least water resistant torches are worth picking.
  • And make sure at least it has a good battery or is rechargeable.


One of the popular brands in the manufacturing of the electric products including torches is the Lighthouse. The Lighthouse 150 Lumens Rechargeable Head Torch by them is water resistant and has adjustable angles. They have three functions that are, high, low and strobe with hand wave sensor activation mode. Their battery lasts up to 12 hours and it also includes handy USB charger. Their another notable product is the Lighthouse 280 Lumens Elite Head Torch which is fitted with a high-performance XPG LED and equipped with four functions that are high, low, wide and red flashing. They come with adjustable head straps which offer increased wearer comfort and the lamp can tilt at 90°. 


Thus opting for the head torches gives you more versatility as well they are ideal for using them around the home and for the leisure activities including camping, sailing, hiking, cycling. Plus perfect for use in emergencies such as power failures or for working on cars.

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