Why is it Important to Always Wear your Work Boots when on Site?

17/10/2018 Post By: George H
Why is it Important to Always Wear your Work Boots when on Site?

Footwears are an important part of our attire, as it gives us the complete look. But is that what it is made for? Well, no. Its sole purpose is not to provide us with fashion, but it is to give us comfort and safety. Now different occupations require different and various types of footwear. For instance for the people who are working in co-operate sectors, can mix and match and wear any type of footwear, but the same does not apply for a person who works at a building site where all types of construction takes place, as it is mandatory for them to follow the building site safety rules and regulations and to wear and put on the appropriate safety guards.


One of the important PPI or the safety wear for the people who work at building sites are the work boots. Now you might be wondering if there are specific boots which are meant to be worn at sites? Well, yes! There are. These work boots have the steel toe cap, and they are also known as safety boots, or steel-capped boots or safety shoes. They are durable boots with protective reinforcement in the toe that helps in the protection of the foot from falling objects or compression and they are usually combined with a midsole plate to protect against punctures from below.


Now the question arises, is it really important to wear the safety boots all the time? Well, know for yourself the perks of wearing the work boots, as they protect you from:

  • Objects like stones and sharp nails piercing.
  • Falling of heavy objects on the feet.
  • Careless use of heavy duty construction equipment and vehicles.
  • Sprains and fractures due to slips and falls.
  • Electric shocks.
  • They protect you from punctures.
  • They prevent fatigue.
  • They prevent your feet from burns and contamination.
  • They protect from extreme weather.


Now, if you are looking for a pair of work boots, then the renowned Dewalt has come to your rescue. Their Dewalt Extreme 3 Work Boots are a popular pick for many tradesmen. They offer an excellent protection via the padded ankle support, and they make the high-quality leather boots which have a protective toe cap that will withstand an impressive 200 Joule blow. The soles of the shoes are uniquely designed with a tread pattern to provide a good grip on a number of surfaces. Plus they are also chemical and oil resistant, and flexible which is a real benefit if your job requires a lot of bending and crouching. And the most useful feature is that they come with the 'easy hooks' which replace eyelets for the laces on the top 2 notches as this makes the boots easy to put on. And to top it up they look extremely stylish and are perfect in range. So with many added benefits of the shoes consider wearing them all the time at your working sites, as safety comes first and prevention is better than cure.

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