How to Sharpen a Knife with the Faithfull Diamond Sharpening Stone

17/10/2018 Post By: George H
How to Sharpen a Knife with the Faithfull Diamond Sharpening Stone

The people who work with blades and knives know the gravity of their sharpness. And they know how inconvenient and maddening a dull knife can become. In the same manner, when it comes to cooking at home, there is no greater hindrance to that person of the house who does all the cooking using the dull knives. And while using a dull knife, you tend to have to press a little bit harder on what you’re cutting, which results in slippage and ragged cuts. Thus a sharp knife plays a vital role, and the basic importance of having a knife which is sharp is that it makes your life and the usage of the knife easier and safer. And learning to sharpen a knife is an investment plus it gives you more control on its usage plus it is neither time-consuming or difficult to sharpen a knife and a properly maintained knife will last longer than a dull knife.


So now bid adieu to all your blunt knife problems with Faithfull 8" Diamond Sharpening Stone. The Faithfull Tools, as you might have heard, provides the quality tools in good value which are dependable plus durable. This sharpening stone by Faithfull Tools is a two-sided diamond sharpening stone which is used for quick, easy and effortless sharpening of any blade and many other tools. The Two grits of this sharpening stone are provided with 400G coarse and 1000G fine, and they each can be easily accessed by simply releasing the stone from the docking station and turning it over. Its docking station is constructed using three solid, non-slip rubber pads and robust steel rods that are fitted with easy grip screw nuts for a precise and firm fixing of the stone. And the dock station is also adjustable to except stones from 135 to 216mm in length and has a 6mm deep recess to provide a secure and firm base for all sharpening operations. These diamond stones are notable for sharpening carbon steel, HSS, and tungsten carbide tools and can also be used to abrade glass, ceramic tiles, and porcelain and can be used as a lubricant with water or simply dry. And this is generally used for sharpening of knives, scissors, chisels, plane blades, cutting blades, TCT router bits and any tool that requires a sharp edge.


Now before you start with the sharpening procedure, there are certain things which are to be kept in mind. The first is getting the terms right, thus the four basic terms of a knife are the face, its primary edge, its secondary edge and its burr which is commonly known as its wire edge. Now the next step is to learn the right angle to sharpen your knife. And if you are using this sharpening stone, them all you have to do is, place the stone on the docking station and fix it properly, now put some drops of water on the station for the proper lubrication of knife and you are all set.


Thus the diamond plates are always preferred over the different natural and man-made stones because of three main reasons; they last long, they cut fast and they stay dead flat and of course, they are handy and really easy to use.

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