The Ultimate Socket & Bit Set

12/10/2018 Post By: George H
The Ultimate Socket & Bit Set

Well, looks like you are a bit of an aspiring do-it-yourself or you might probably be a seasoned pro but whichever category you would like to put yourself in, every handyperson needs a dependable set of sockets which they can call their own. So after a long wait and a longer research, the Bahco has arrived at your rescue with its ultimate socket & bit set. Bahco, as of course, you know, is a famous Swedish brand within the hand tool industry, and now this brand is a part of SNA Europe. And what puts it on the map is its range of products which has expanded with a total assortment of products that today includes over 7000 hand tools.


Choosing the appropriate socket set depends on a number of factors. Weekend tinkerers would have their own sets of criteria as compared to a professional mechanic. And for the aesthetic-oriented people, they usually prefer buying the matching sockets, which commonly come in one of two colours: chrome and black.


Now you might be wondering why is this being called the ultimate socket & bit set? Well, considering the brand name itself that is, the Bahco is just over sixty-years-old, it is a good reason for explaining why theirs is such a trusted name for their tools and toolkits.


When you take a look at their 34 Piece 3/8" Socket & Bit Set, you can see that they have their products finishing in matt chrome-plating, and they are constructed from chrome vanadium. Now when you talk about the chrome vanadium tools, they are made with 1050 carbon steel, S2, and 8650 and they are the hardest, most ductile, and longest wearing steel that exists and their steel includes carbon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, chromium, and vanadium.

Their socket & bit set are also put in an oil and temperature resistant case and they come with a dynamic drive profile.


If the socket & bit set has to be perfect then they should possess some of the qualities and the features such as:

  • Should contain the high-quality tool.
  • It should be ideal for the DIY auto mechanic who is looking for an upgrade or the professional automotive technician who is seeking out an addition to their beloved but likely well-worn tools.
  • They should have the versatile impact sockets, which boast radius corner design for enhanced torque, and they should come in their own heavy-duty case and provide the stylish, safe, and convenient storage.
  • If the socket & bit tool is for DIY enthusiasts, then it should be a budget-friendly and should meet most of their needs.


So you can tag your tool case as the ultimate socket & bit set if it contains all the above-mentioned qualities. Now also remember that your toolset should be budget-friendly and set boasts big value in a small case, so pick the tools according to your requirements. And for your handy needs, make sure the box’s smaller size fits perfectly in your glove compartment or your kitchen drawer.

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