What Makes the Perfect Hammer?

17/10/2018 Post By: George H
What Makes the Perfect Hammer?

While manufacturing the tools, each of them requires the proper and exact quantity of material so as to make them flawless. Similarly, as compared to all the tools, hammer requires the proper composition in its making so that it can be used in the best way possible.


Speaking about hammers, you all know what hammers are. A hammer is a hand tool which is used to strike another object. It basically consists of a handle to which is attached a heavy head, which in most cases is made of metal, with one or more striking surfaces. There are various types of hammers available and the most common one is known as the claw hammer, which is used to drive and pull nails. The other types include the ball-peen hammer and the sledgehammer.


The design of the two major requirements of a hammer, that is, the head and the handle depends on the specific application, but all hammers have many common features. The striking surface of the head of a hammer is called the face. If it is flat, then it is a called plain-faced, or if it is slightly convex, then it is called bell faced. A bell-faced hammer is less likely to bend a nail if the nail is struck at an angle. Another face design of the hammer is called a checkered face, this has a crosshatched grooves cut into the surface as to prevent the hammer from glancing off the nail head. And Because it tends to leave a checkered impression on the wood, it is usually found on framing hammers which are used for rough construction and also for the woodwork.


Now that you are aware of the types and designs of various hammers, one of the perfect hammers is manufactured by Stanley. The Stanley 20oz Fibreglass Hammer is a fiberglass curved-claw hammer and its weight is 570g. It has a polished steel head, and it is correctly hardened and tempered. It is also fitted with a fiberglass handle which makes the hammer lightweight and extremely strong. And to top it up, this hammer is resistant to moisture.


Another popular manufacturer of the tools is Vaughan. The hammer manufactured by Vaughan is known for its quality and durability. The Vaughan 560g/20oz Hammer & Bar Set comprises of a stealth straight claw rip hammer and a bear claw bar. The stealth straight claw rip hammer is forged from high carbon steel and it offers excellent strength and durability, whereas the bear claw bar is an all-steel double ended claw bar which is ideal for removing nails and panel pins from boards and moldings. The nail holder of the hammers are capable of holding both standard and duplex nails and the side nail puller of the hammer provides extra leverage for removing nails. And to provide you with the proper comfort, the hammer has an exclusive air cushioned slip-resistant grip.


Thus these are the factors which are to be kept in mind while opting for the perfect hammer.

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