What to Look for when Choosing your Screwdriver Set

17/10/2018 Post By: George H
What to Look for when Choosing your Screwdriver Set

We want all our possessions to be perfect. They should be made of perfect quality, should have the right quantity and of course should cost us accordingly. And similar is in the case of owning the tools, especially a screwdriver set.


What is a screwdriver set you ask? Well, a screwdriver set is basically a tool which is usually manual, that is, it is used to push in and remove the screw by turning it from left to right and vice versa. Simple right? And it is a fundamental item for all the craftsman, but it is also useful for home use. So a screwdriver set is a tool which no matter what line of work a person is in, it is mandatory for everyone to have one. These tools are essential in all types of works for instance in woodwork, metalwork and electrical work etc. And there is a specific screwdriver to fit each screw, and there are a lot of screws out there. Thus using the wrong tool can spoil several components and just won’t get your job done right.


Now if we study the detail of a standard screwdriver, then a standard screwdriver comes with three basic parts: the head, the shank, and the tip. And in a screwdriver set, the tip of the screwdriver varies according to its form, which provides different uses. Now there are various screwdrivers in a screwdriver set, and they are termed as the power screwdriver which is the most heavy-duty of tools; the interchangeable head are the tools that have removable heads so as to quickly and easily swap, depending on the project; flat-head screwdriver is the most common type of screwdriver and they consist of a flat head and a straight blade that fits into various slotted screw heads; and the Allen key screwdriver which are the L-shaped tool with a hexagonal cross-section.


You can now avail the perfect set of the screwdriver by Stanley Hand Tools. As you know. It is a popular brand known for manufacturing of tools and has produced millions of hand planes, saws, rulers, try squares, chisels, screwdrivers, and many other types of tools for consumer and for industrial use. Now there are some jobs that are simply not suited to power tools thus Stanley's hand tools are even perfect for the DIY enthusiast. Their Stanley 18 Piece Essential Screwdriver Set is designed to resist bending and snapping, by having a forged chrome vanadium steel bar. It consists of eighteen essential screwdrivers which are equipped with soft grip polypropylene handles and have TPR overlay which provides a comfortable feel, reduces fatigue and gives greater grip.


Thus a screwdriver set can come handy for general use, for constructions, as well as for precision. And one of the important factors which are to be kept in mind before selecting the screwdriver set is that the purpose and its usage. For instance, a maintenance and a service engineer can use a Torx bit whereas for cabinet making you can use a Slotted bit and for the general joinery and construction making use of a Phillips or Pozi bit.

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