Find out why every DIYer should own a Stanley Knife

17/10/2018 Post By: George H
Find out why every DIYer should own a Stanley Knife

As a DIY enthusiast, you might often find yourself being drawn towards making and creating something. Let it be opening of boxes or trimming wallpaper, or it might be cutting those PVC flooring to size or liberating all those newly bought tools from their impenetrable packaging. Now, this where the utility of a knife becomes an invaluable piece of kit.


Now there are many good reasons for you to carry your pocket knife with you where ever you go, of course not to the airport, and also there are plenty of quality knives to choose from. Now while you are buying a pocket knife or a folding knife, there are certain things which are to be kept in mind, like:

  • Deciding on the number of blade: there are multiple options when it comes to the number of blades, there are single-blade pocket knives which come in many shapes and sizes, but their best qualities are their simplicity and size; another one of the multi-blade pocket knives which has multiple blades that enables you to carry one pocket knife that can do the job of two or three; and of course there is Swiss army knives and multi-tools which comes with saws, toothpicks, tweezers, can openers, nail files, scissors, corkscrews, and magnifying glasses.
  • Blade types and ideal use: remember when it comes to pocket knives, all blades are not equal. Therefore, when before you purchase a single-blade pocket knife or a multi-blade model, what is important is that you know the blade types in your knife and what their optimal uses are. There are various types of blade, from clip point to spear point, from straight back to needlepoint and from pen type to hawkbill and many more, thus it is important to know their size, shape and the ideal use. 
  • The handle material: the blade’s handle quality is important as a good quality handle ensures your grip and stays tight in your hand. They can be made of aluminium, celluloid, bone, wood, G-10, micarta, titanium, Zytel, stainless steel, Delrin, stag, rubber and many more.
  • Opening mechanism: the speed and comfort with which you engage your knife can really make a difference in the convenience while you are doing your everyday tasks. Thus you can opt for the manual-opening blade, or the switchblade or automatic, or you can choose the assisted-opening mechanism.


Since pocket knives have been around for so many centuries, they've evolved and branched out into many different styles, thus one of the recommended product is the Stanley FatMax ExoChange Folding Knife, by Stanley Hand Tool. This pocket knife has the magnetic and exposed slider which provides fast manual blade change and it helps in quick and easy debris removal from the slider. It has a soft touch grip which reduces slipping and its folding feature is easy for storage and portability. Stanley Hand tool also offers Stanley 100 Pack Of Knife Blades which is ideal for carpet, vinyl and any other material which requires a stiffer and a stronger blade. These are high-performance heavy duty blades and produces long life, plus these blades are designed to all Stanley knives.


Thus the Stanley knife comes with a full package of quality plus is cost-efficient and supplied with a pack of 100 extra knife blades, and is appropriate and a perfect pick for all DIYers.

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