Is it Worth Investing in a Spirit Level?

17/10/2018 Post By: George H
Is it Worth Investing in a Spirit Level?

A spirit level is also known as bubble level or simply a level and it is an instrument which is designed to indicate whether a surface is horizontal that is, in level or if it is vertical, that is, plumb. The spirit level is available in various types and they are used by carpenters, stonemasons, bricklayers, other building trades workers, surveyors, millwrights, and other metalworkers, and in some photographic as well as in video works.


The spirit level functions because of its most important feature that is the glass or the plastic vial. This vial which is fixed on the level contains a coloured liquid that has a bubble of air which tends to moves horizontally or vertically along the vial. Thus the best spirit level to buy is one that features both a horizontal as well as the vertical vial.


The question which is often asked is that whether it is worth investing in a spirit level? Well, a spirit level is a measuring tool which all the DIYers and the home handyman should own. The spirit level will be worth it if you choose the appropriate one, thus before you could buy the spirit level, there are certain factors which are to be considered, some of them are:

  • The vials: it is recommended to opt for the block vials that are unbreakable. The luminescent reflector and magnifying lens in a spirit level are important features as they provide high legibility in all light conditions. And also make sure the vials are unaffected by cold temperature or static electricity
  • Low tolerance: the tolerance which is specified for levelling should be in both normal as well as the reverse position.
  • Strong profile: the profile weight of the level should be over 500g/m to guarantee strength and it is suggested to look out for the one which comes with the shock-absorbing rubber end caps as it will protect it if you drop it.
  • The right sensitivity: the sensitivity rate is really important as the right tool will help you in the measurement of the accurate reading, hence you can achieve perfection in your task.


Now there is two spirit level which is basically recommended. One is the Stanley FatMax 120cm & 60cm Pro Level Pack by Stanley Hand Tools. It is designed to be sturdy and cope with work on site. Its vials are magnified by 20% for improved visibility and increased accuracy. It has dual machined levelling surfaces for maximum accuracy and it has the solid acrylic block vials which provide the best in class accuracy in 8 orientations of +/-0.5mm/m. The other one is the Faithfull 120cm, 60cm & 25cm Level Set by Faithfull Quality Tools, which is combined with high quality and is available at economical price. Even this spirit level features three factory set solid acrylic vials, one horizontal and two plumb, and it is accurate to the best industry standard of ±0.5mm per meter. It is manufactured from 1.5mm box section aluminium, and is powder coated and fitted with impact resistant end caps, these levels are both strong and lightweight. And its vials are guaranteed for five years against leakage.


Thus with so many features and benefits, this measuring tool is worth every penny.

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